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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ads on My ArtFire Shop Pages and Getting Rid of Them

Since I stay "logged-in" to my ArtFire shop, I had no idea that there were so many "third-party ads" on my shop pages!  When I view my shop while logged-in, I do not see the ads.  And, since I rarely go on ArtFire's forum, I really did not know what was going on.  More fool me!

However, that has been remedied!  

But there is a little story first...

Today, I received an email from ArtFire about "changes to fees/sales commissions"...so, of course, I went over to the forum to find out more.

And, if I am understanding things correctly, this is basically what has happened:

Apparently, Google recently made changes that charge site owners for access...so ArtFire began to place third party ads on shop pages so as to counter this...and quite a few shop owners got mad and left.  So, now ArtFire has come up with a new "tiered" rate policy.  As a "legacy" shop owner, my base rate does not change, but if I want the ads to go away, I must "op in" to pay a 3% commission on every sale.  I cannot say I am happy about this, but I guess I understand why ArtFire needs to make these changes.

I have "opted in" for the plan without those ads.  Really, go check out one of my item pages.

As many have said in one way or another "The Only Thing Permanent in Life is Change"...sigh.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

In the Beginning

I belong to a micro macrame group on facebook.  Quite some time ago, new members asked for the more experienced knotters to show some photo of our early work.  I kept meaning to get around to taking the photos and posting them...but, I also kept forgetting or putting it off.  Since I plan on dismantling these necklaces and re-making them, I decided I better get a photo first.

Although, I still like the colors and the basic arrangement of the beads, I was never happy with the knotting cords around the outside of the focal beads.  They don't look like they are part of the design, they look "sloppy" to me.  It was this dissatisfaction that led to my practice of stringing the knotting cords through the focal beads along with the holding cords.  It is sometimes a challenge to do so as the holes in the focal beads can be a bit small for this.   Still, I think it "cleans" up the look. 

When I made these necklaces, I had discovered Omega #2 nylon crochet thread.  Although it was way better than using cotton crochet thread, it has a tendency to "loosen up" over time.  I still use it for "Spiral Ropes" type designs because it makes them so flexible and supple, and I also make my knots tighter these days.  And, as I said, I pass both the knotting and holding cords through the focal beads.

If you take a look at my Original Waves Bracelet on my Free Downloads post, you will see how I put tassels even on bracelets with clasps (not just the ones with button closures).  At the time, I designed that bracelet, I was still using the Omega nylon crochet thread.  Because the crochet thread is not a bonded cord, the knots don't always hold tight.  This is fine within the body of a piece, but problematic (for me at least) at the end.  Ending with a ring (for a clasp) means the knot has to accommodate the ring.  Even using fabric glue was not sufficient as far as I am concerned.  I know, I tend to be overly cautious, but I want a piece of jewelry to LAST.  Ending with a tassel meant the end knots were overhand knots which hold much better since they don't have to accommodate the ring.  Since I have discovered C-lon Bead cord, this issue is no longer a problem and so I began to end pieces on a ring without the need for a tassel.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Free Downloads

THIS IS A TEST! - Since there is not a way to upload a pdf to this blog, I am attempting to upload some free downloads to Google Drive and then provide a link here (below).  I am hoping this works.  If it does, I will again be able to offer a few free micro macrame jewlery patterns/tutorials.

Please try these out and let me know if they work - does the link take you to the document without having to sign in?  And does it allow you to download the document?

The Basics

How to make the basic knots, materials and sources, and some hopefully helpful tips....DOWNLOAD HERE.

Spirals Anklet, Lariat Necklace, and Hoop Earrings

Great for Beginners!  Using a simple half knot, learn how to make an anklet or bracelet, a pair of hoop earrings, or a lariat necklace...DOWNLOAD HERE.
 Original Waves Bracelet

Another good project for Beginners.  Using square knots and plenty of beads, make an elegant bracelet with a tassel for fun...DOWNLOAD HERE.

Friday, March 27, 2015

New Kid in Town

There is a "new kid in town", or rather a new networking site - Kind of like Pinterest, but strictly for handmade stuff - Crafters Lounge - I have signed up and am trying it out...

Go ahead, check it out...

29 Mar 15 - UPDATE:

Not sure yet if I like this new site...way too much advertising for my taste.  But, I will wait and see if it actually gets some traffic.

1 APR 15 - UPDATE:

I am optimistic today!  The good people over at Crafter's Lounge saw my post here and responded (see comments below).  I went right over to their site and it is improved!  No more flickering with all the ads.  I don't mind some ads, I understand the need.

Thank you, Crafter's Lounge for listening and for responding!

KnotGypsy is having a big BLOW-OUT SALE on Micro Macrame Jewelry!

I decided to have a big "BLOW-OUT SALE"!

I have placed over 30 pieces of finished jewelry on sale at my ArtFire shop.  Buy some for yourself or stock up on gifts...Here are just a few of the pieces featured:

Micro Macrame BRACELET - Spirals in Pink and Gray




Micro Macrame EARRINGS - Spiral Hoops w Drop in Black and Tan






Micro Macrame NECKLACE - StarBurst in Red Peach and Bronze





Micro Macrame BRACELET - Tapestry in Green




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