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Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Times They are A Changin'...Again...Sigh

First, I am just going to copy and paste the rant I posted on my facebook page:

ARGH!!!!! Caution: Rant follows...

Note: I am looking into alternatives and will probably be closing my Etsy shop as soon as I find a viable alternative.

Now onto my rant:
I think I have finally had it with Etsy. I have been with Etsy for 12 years. A few years ago, they went "corporate" and I have not liked many of the changes...but I have bit the bullet and stuck with it.
Today, I got an email saying that as of 15 May, they are forcing PayPal integration with Etsy Payments. This means that even when someone pays with PayPal, the money goes into Etsy Payments and is distributed to the seller the next day (or week, month depending on your settings) into your bank account, not your PayPal account.

Etsy will get the sales commission (that usually goes to PayPal) and will get whatever interest that sale accrues (while the seller waits to get paid).
And, if the seller (like so many of us do) uses PayPal to order supplies, etc, they must now transfer funds from bank account to PayPal account (after waiting of course for their money to reach their bank account). When paid to my PayPal account, my funds are immediately available
Etsy is trying to push PayPal completely out of the picture. I like PayPal. I have been using for YEARS without any problems. Etsy does not have that same reputation.

Next thing you know, they will be forcing sellers to sign up for autopay (for our Etsy account fees). This is the system that has access to your bank account and recently over charged so many sellers and delayed refunding the overcharges. I will NEVER sign up for autopay. I pay my bill every month (manually) and have NEVER missed a payment or been late in paying it. I don't need auto pay.

Okay. There. I have gotten that off my chest.

Afterwards, I opened up an eCrater account and have begun to build a new shop there.  So far, I have one item listed (probably will add a few more tonight), but if you want to see it (and comment below to let me know what you think) - here is my newborn shop.

 If this works, I will of course be changing my "shop" links from Etsy to eCrater on this website and on my facebook page.

There's nothing like starting over again....sigh, I will lose a 12-year history of positive feedback by letting go of my Etsy shop.  Maybe I will keep a handful of items there just to keep it active...you know, for the feedback.  We shall see.

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