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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Joy of Creating Something Beautiful

 My strategy worked.  I made another simple project - this Spirals necklace with a glass spoon pendant.  I will soon get it listed in my ArtFire shop.  (Click on "Shop for Jewelry and Kits" at top of this page to see what I already have listed there.)
And, then I was inspired to make this variation on a Gridlock bracelet.  It was a hit on facebook!  I have not yet listed it because it might already be sold to one of my mother's friends.
Then, I got an idea of a new way to construct Tubular bangle bracelets and use the Gridlock knotting/beading scheme.  I like it, but it needs some tweaks.  I am currently working on another one to try some of those tweaks.
The joy of making something beautiful is indeed a balm to my soul.  Although I still have moments of grief and miss my husband something fierce, being here with my mother is a comfort and being able to make beautiful jewelry is very healing.

I have also been spending some time updating and tweaking my Etsy and ArtFire shops.  This process will be ongoing, but I have gotten a good start on them.

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