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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ads on My ArtFire Shop Pages and Getting Rid of Them

Since I stay "logged-in" to my ArtFire shop, I had no idea that there were so many "third-party ads" on my shop pages!  When I view my shop while logged-in, I do not see the ads.  And, since I rarely go on ArtFire's forum, I really did not know what was going on.  More fool me!

However, that has been remedied!  

But there is a little story first...

Today, I received an email from ArtFire about "changes to fees/sales commissions"...so, of course, I went over to the forum to find out more.

And, if I am understanding things correctly, this is basically what has happened:

Apparently, Google recently made changes that charge site owners for access...so ArtFire began to place third party ads on shop pages so as to counter this...and quite a few shop owners got mad and left.  So, now ArtFire has come up with a new "tiered" rate policy.  As a "legacy" shop owner, my base rate does not change, but if I want the ads to go away, I must "op in" to pay a 3% commission on every sale.  I cannot say I am happy about this, but I guess I understand why ArtFire needs to make these changes.

I have "opted in" for the plan without those ads.  Really, go check out one of my item pages.

As many have said in one way or another "The Only Thing Permanent in Life is Change"...sigh.

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