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Friday, March 27, 2015

New Kid in Town

There is a "new kid in town", or rather a new networking site - Kind of like Pinterest, but strictly for handmade stuff - Crafters Lounge - I have signed up and am trying it out...

Go ahead, check it out...

29 Mar 15 - UPDATE:

Not sure yet if I like this new site...way too much advertising for my taste.  But, I will wait and see if it actually gets some traffic.

1 APR 15 - UPDATE:

I am optimistic today!  The good people over at Crafter's Lounge saw my post here and responded (see comments below).  I went right over to their site and it is improved!  No more flickering with all the ads.  I don't mind some ads, I understand the need.

Thank you, Crafter's Lounge for listening and for responding!


Crafters Lounge said...

Hello guys,

I am from the Crafters Lounge Support team!

So i would like to share with you that we have changed a lot regarding to ads. For now they are removed and probably we will switch to Sponsored Pins business model since it won´t affect the user experience.

Regarding to traffic, as i am writing this post we are receiving 20k unique viewers so we believe the majority of the pins will receive a nice amount of traffic.

Test it out!

KnotGypsy said...

Thank you! Thank you for listening and for responding! I will continue trying out your site!

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