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Friday, March 27, 2015

Micro Macrame PATTERN BUNDLES for greater savings!

I have lowered the prices on all my patterns and I am listing several "pattern bundles".  By grouping patterns together into "bundles", I can offer a "volume discount" on those patterns.

So far, I have created and listed the following bundles (I have plans for a couple more bundles over the next few days as well, so keep checking back):


Includes Tubular Necklace and Bangle Bracelet and Acorn Earrings.  Skill level:  Intermediate (some experience with double half-hitches needed)

Basic Angle and Gridlock Bracelets

Includes Basic Angle Bracelets and Gridlock Bracelet A - Learn how to make 8 different bracelets!  From Beginner to Intermediate skill levels...enough to keep you busy for quite some time!


Includes 4 patterns all based on the "Diamonds" knotting scheme (from beginner level to intermediate):

Basic Diamonds Jewelry Set
Casual Diamonds Bracelet
Arrow Bracelet
StarBurst Necklace and Earrings


Includes Classic Fans Jewelry Set and Mosaic Fans Bracelets.  Mostly for intermediate skill level or advanced beginner - not too complicated, but needs some dexterity and practice with diagonal double half-hitches.

17-plus Micro Macrame Pattern Package

Let's not forget my best bundle - all my patterns!

I have lowered the price to just $18.00 for a limited time! - from now until the end of April 2015 when it will return to its original price of $25.00 (still a great price).

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