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Friday, June 25, 2010

Yes, I do Make Mistakes

It has recently come to my attention (thanks to one of my customers) that there was an error in the materials list for the basic "Diamonds Bracelet".

Where it states: size 6 seed beads Color B, 11 each, it should say 21 each.

I have corrected the master copy and all patterns sent out in future will include the correction.  And, I have added a comment to the "Pattern - Diamonds Jewelry Set" post in hopes that anyone who previously purchased that pattern will see it.

However, since I did not realize this typo, I have been filling kits with an insufficient amount of those beads.  Anyone having purchased such a kit and wanting the rest of the beads, please contact me and I will mail you some.

My sincere apologies for this error.  I am exceedingly grateful to the customers who let me know of these mistakes.  So, please, if ever you purchase one of my patterns or one of my kits and something seems wrong or you do not understand something, CONTACT ME!  I do make mistakes.  I try to catch them myself, but am not always successful (as you can see).  I really do appreciate people letting me know of my mistakes (so I can fix them) and I do not mind answering questions.


Moa said...

I noticed that, but I thought it was because I had a really huge wrist or something. :p I just filled it up with those V-shaped knots until I had the length I needed, so that worked out just fine.

And when it comes to contacting you if I don't understand something ... I'm just too proud to do that! I recently finished a Lacy Ripples bracelet from one of your kits, but I made the wrong kind of knots at first, until I finally realized how I was supposed to do! So half of it looks horrible, and the other half acceptable. Heh. That's Learning for ya! :D

It's still very much fun, though :)

KnotGypsy said...

Oh, I do understand pride!

But, you might think of it this way - when you don't understand something, it may be my mistake. Maybe I was not clear or I made a typo...You would be helping me by letting me know.

I am glad you are having fun anyway.

Moa said...

If I don't understand something, it's been for one of two reasons so far:
1. English isn't my first language, and I'm too lazy to look up a word, OR, I mix up the knots due to lack of energy to keep track of them. :p
2. I've printed the instructions in black and white, which makes it more difficult to keep track of which thead goes where. Then again, if it wasn't because of my laziness, I'd look at the version I have saved on my computer.

So so far, it's all been on me! Hence the pride thing. :p

KnotGypsy said...

Oh, I understand completely - seems we have something in common! Except that you do much better in your English than I do in my second language (German - I have forgotten most of it)!. I am much impressed with your English.

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