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Friday, June 25, 2010

Yes, I do Make Mistakes

It has recently come to my attention (thanks to one of my customers) that there was an error in the materials list for the basic "Diamonds Bracelet".

Where it states: size 6 seed beads Color B, 11 each, it should say 21 each.

I have corrected the master copy and all patterns sent out in future will include the correction.  And, I have added a comment to the "Pattern - Diamonds Jewelry Set" post in hopes that anyone who previously purchased that pattern will see it.

However, since I did not realize this typo, I have been filling kits with an insufficient amount of those beads.  Anyone having purchased such a kit and wanting the rest of the beads, please contact me and I will mail you some.

My sincere apologies for this error.  I am exceedingly grateful to the customers who let me know of these mistakes.  So, please, if ever you purchase one of my patterns or one of my kits and something seems wrong or you do not understand something, CONTACT ME!  I do make mistakes.  I try to catch them myself, but am not always successful (as you can see).  I really do appreciate people letting me know of my mistakes (so I can fix them) and I do not mind answering questions.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Materials and Sources

 Even though, I have posted several articles here on this website regarding the materials I use and where I get them (see "Materials and Sources" under "Categories" in sidebar), I still get questions...I realize that some of those questions are from people that may not have ever seen this website.  Soooo.....

I have just finished compiling all my "materials" information into one document.  I included links to where I get my materials - if document is viewed on your computer while you are online, just click on links to find the items.  I will henceforth be including this document along with "Basic Knots" and "Helpful Hints" with every pattern ordered.  Or, you can download the document on my "Free Pattern Downloads" page.
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