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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pattern - Diamonds Jewelry Set

Finally.  Finally I have finished upgrading the "Diamonds" Bracelet Pattern to "Diamonds" Jewelry Set as it now includes instructions for Earrings and a Necklace as well as the bracelet with button closure and with lobster claw clasp.  I really hope you all like it.

The Basic Bracelet (with the button closure) is a fairly easy bracelet to make and lots of fun. The Variations include instructions for Bracelet with lobster claw clasp, Earrings, and a Necklace. They are a bit trickier and may require some experience with micro macrame - which you can get with the Basic Bracelet! I also provide tips on varying the cord and the focal beads.

I have already updated my Pattern Shop (at a reduced price and available for immediate download after checkout), my Etsy shop, and my ArtFire shop,

I do have some kits already made up and photographed.  Some are for individual pieces (i.e. bracelet, earrings, necklace) and some for the the package deal.  I don't think I can get them listed tonight.  I will do that tomorrow.  I  have been busy all day editing photos, making collages, writing, formatting, and updating the pattern listings, I am just plum tuckered out.

So, check back tomorrow evening for the kits.

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KnotGypsy said...

It has recently come to my attention (thanks to one of my customers) that there was an error in the materials list for the basic bracelet.

Where it states: size 6 seed beads Color B, 11 each, it should say 21 each.

I have corrected the master copy and all patterns sent out in future will include the correction.

However, since I did not realize this typo, I have been filling kits with an insufficient amount of those beads. Anyone having such a kit and wanting the rest of the beads, please contact me and I will mail you some.

My sincere apologies for this error. I am exceedingly grateful to the customers who let me know of these mistakes.

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