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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A "New Angle" Design Series

I have been playing with beads again. First, I did a little more experimentation with the concept of "Entrapped" with this pair of earrings. My friend's daughter says they look like "Acorns", so that is what I will call them.

Then, I had to see what would happen if I finished the "Wavy Diamonds" earring with fringe instead of a "drop".

Then, I got ambitious and began playing around with a new design -"New Angle".

First, a prototype - This collar necklace in blue and purple was just beginning. I tried a small progression in stringing the "centerpiece" and it just does not quite do it for me. But, I do love the colors and the basic concept. Here is the prototype:

Then, a Choker, using a more aggressive progression in stringing that "centerpiece" and making it wider with 3 colors of cord and beads, here is what I came up with. I am quite happy with this one.

I am hoping to write an e-book (possibly for hard copy as well if I can find a publisher). My plans are to include this design in the book along with several other ideas I have in mind. This could take me awhile, so please be patient.


jafabrit said...

this website
has scraped content from your blog (mine too). I contacted wordpress and it isn't a wordpress blog/platform.

KnotGypsy said...

Thanks for the notification, JafaBrit. I've seen sites like that before and I think they are automated to steal content. I don't think there is much I can do about it...

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