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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Knot News - Mar 2010

As many of you already know, I have joined Facebook! I am enjoying it far more than I expected. I even got caught up in a couple of games - Farmville and Cafe World. To join me (and hopefully add me as a friend, just look in my sidebar and scroll down till you find the facebook widget with my smiling face). I have also created a page for KnotGypsy Designs. You can find that widget in the sidebar as well and become a fan. Hope to see you all there!

Then, as I was surfing one day, I stumbled upon a new venue - 1000 markets. I checked it out and liked what I saw. It is for handmade items ONLY. No supplies, no patterns, no kits. It is also a "juried" venue which means I had to be approved. So I joined. set up shop, and submitted it for approval. It took about a day of holding my breath, but I was accepted! You can find my new shop at www.knotgypsydesigns.1000markets.com.

Today, I found a widget that will allow visitors to this site to share articles from this website on Facebook and on Twitter. Find that widget in the sidebar just under Category listings.

What can I say? I am sure I am forgetting something, but I am getting older and so my memory goes on vacation at times (without me!). I'll write more when and if I remember it. Bye for now, my beads are calling me.


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Unknown said...

How is the Facebook page going for business? I work for Auto Shipping Network and we already have our website www.autoshippingnetwork.com, but we're looking into making a Facebook page also. We ship cars all over the world, so with how big Facebook has become I'm hoping it will help out business.

KnotGypsy said...

It's a little early to tell Michael, but I have gotten more fans, followers, and traffic since getting a Facebook page.

As for increase in business, I have had a slight increase, but the jewelry business is a difficult one.

Thanks for stopping by.

Maloy said...

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KnotGypsy said...

Well, that previous comment about interviewing bloggers, it seems to be nothing more than a promotional to get people to participate in offers and possibly win prizes...Not interested, myself.

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