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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just a Few Lines to Let You Know...

I do realize I am running low on kits in both shops (Etsy and ArtFire).  It is because they have been selling pretty well but I have not been able to make a bead order in some time.  We ran into some unexpected expenses in Jan and Feb (auto repairs and veterinary bills).  Thankfully, we had the "cushion" to pay for it all, but have since needed to replenish that cushion (in case another unexpected expense comes around). 

I do have some beads and will be making up what kits I can manage from my stash.  Some of the patterns, of course, need particular beads and I am low on many of those.  I plan on being able to make a new bead order in the next couple of weeks so I can then make up kits for those patterns that require certain beads.

I briefly considered rebuilding my website over at Google Sites as it had some features I really liked.  But Blogger has recently added some features that solve the same problems...So, I am happily staying with Blogger.  I do love Blogger and am happy about the new features.  I have since given this site a facelift and will continue to work on it in the days and weeks to come.  Do you like it so far?

As many of you have probably noticed, I have been posting photos on some new designs...No, I am not planning on writing up patterns for them as yet - I am planning on writing an e-book!  This may take some time, but check back from time to time and I will post updates on progress.

This has been a pretty intense year so far!  Aside from the auto problems (we ended up getting a second car) and veterinary problems (my fat cat had some health issues), one of my (other) cats was hit and killed by a car a couple of weeks ago, a friend has had some crises and needed my help, and my dear hubbie hurt his back (yes, he is on the mend).  As the saying goes "It's always something!"

Well, I guess I should get busy trying to put together some kits...Bye for now

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Knot News - Mar 2010

As many of you already know, I have joined Facebook! I am enjoying it far more than I expected. I even got caught up in a couple of games - Farmville and Cafe World. To join me (and hopefully add me as a friend, just look in my sidebar and scroll down till you find the facebook widget with my smiling face). I have also created a page for KnotGypsy Designs. You can find that widget in the sidebar as well and become a fan. Hope to see you all there!

Then, as I was surfing one day, I stumbled upon a new venue - 1000 markets. I checked it out and liked what I saw. It is for handmade items ONLY. No supplies, no patterns, no kits. It is also a "juried" venue which means I had to be approved. So I joined. set up shop, and submitted it for approval. It took about a day of holding my breath, but I was accepted! You can find my new shop at www.knotgypsydesigns.1000markets.com.

Today, I found a widget that will allow visitors to this site to share articles from this website on Facebook and on Twitter. Find that widget in the sidebar just under Category listings.

What can I say? I am sure I am forgetting something, but I am getting older and so my memory goes on vacation at times (without me!). I'll write more when and if I remember it. Bye for now, my beads are calling me.

More "New Angle" bracelets

I have been having so much fun with the new design series "New Angle"! I wondered what it would look like to make the double half-hitches go "in-line" rather than as a "cross bar". I also wanted to use some bugle beads...

Well, I think it worked out well as seen in this first bracelet in gold. This one has been listed at my new "1000 markets" shop (will son get around to listing the others as well):

Then, I made a couple of narrower bracelets - in Red and in Green. I also added an extra row of seed beads between rows of bugle beads:

And last but not least, I wanted to try faceted focals instead of the bugle beads. I really love the look of this one. It is a little trickier to knot, but I think it was worth it:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A "New Angle" Design Series

I have been playing with beads again. First, I did a little more experimentation with the concept of "Entrapped" with this pair of earrings. My friend's daughter says they look like "Acorns", so that is what I will call them.

Then, I had to see what would happen if I finished the "Wavy Diamonds" earring with fringe instead of a "drop".

Then, I got ambitious and began playing around with a new design -"New Angle".

First, a prototype - This collar necklace in blue and purple was just beginning. I tried a small progression in stringing the "centerpiece" and it just does not quite do it for me. But, I do love the colors and the basic concept. Here is the prototype:

Then, a Choker, using a more aggressive progression in stringing that "centerpiece" and making it wider with 3 colors of cord and beads, here is what I came up with. I am quite happy with this one.

I am hoping to write an e-book (possibly for hard copy as well if I can find a publisher). My plans are to include this design in the book along with several other ideas I have in mind. This could take me awhile, so please be patient.

Knot News - "Waves" Bracelet Class in Gig Harbor

Gig Harbor Beads in Washington is offering classes and one of those classes is my "Waves Bracelet"! (click on Gig Harbor link and scroll a little ways down to see the ad for the class).

Ms. Landry of LaneLandry.com is teaching the class. I love the colors she used for the bracelet in the photo on Gig Harbor's website (advertising the class). So, if you are in the Gig Harbor (Washington State) area, go check it out.

Note: I love seeing micro macrame gain in popularity. So, if you are a micro macrame artist interested in teaching classes based on my designs, all I ask is that you give me credit for the design. No other obligations necessary. But, if you let me know about it and mention KnotGypsy Designs in your website advertising, I will link to your website. (Like I just did for Gig Harbor and Ms. Landry). Let's get everyone doing micro macrame!
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