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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wavy Diamonds - New Hybrid Design Series

So, I was going through my stash and came across some "Waves" earring kits that had not sold. I had set them aside thinking I would make up some matching bracelet kits...well, I didn't have quite enough of the right beads to do that.

I decided I would watch some old "Dharma and Greg" videos and make the earrings up myself. As I was nearing the finish to this first pair (see next photo below), it occurred to me that a better finish would be to use the knotting sequence of the "Diamonds" series.

I thought it worked great and went on to try some variations...

First, this pair with a slightly different knotted "diamond" and a slightly different "tail".
And a "Waves" bracelet to match
Another color and with a bead embedded in the "diamond"

Then this pair with slightly different beads...Okay, I was excited now and wondered what this would look like with fringe beads in the "waves".
Then, I thought "What if I make a matching bracelet that includes the "Diamonds" motif instead of the original "Waves" style bracelet? I loved it!:
Two more variations, the second one in photo has bugle beads! I love bugle beads and am always trying to fit them in somewhere...
Another pair with bugle beads and fringe beads...
Then, I wondered if size 6 seed beads would work as well as the fringe beads in the "waves"? The answer is YES! I love these, too. The look sort of "Deco Victorian" to me. My Sweetie especially likes these earrings and the bracelet and necklace that followed.
Bracelet done in the new "Wavy Diamonds" style:
Bracelet and Earrings together with the necklace:

Lastly, another pair of earrings with size 6 seed beads with a different finish:

Oh, yes! I had so much fun. The "Bead Fever" burned through me for days and I hear my muse calling me back. Gotta go...

By the way, I have begun listing some of these at my ArtFire Studio. And yes, I will eventually write this up - most probably in my forthcoming e-book.


Pärlugglan said...

I like your new wavy diamond very much.

KnotGypsy said...

Thank you!

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