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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Criss Cross Bracelet Kits

Okay. Because we are having a cold spell down here in South Central Texas (We might even get a few snowflakes this week!), I tried to photograph the "Criss Cross Bracelet" kits inside with some daylight bulbs. I was not satisfied as there was just too much orange in the photos of the red kits. So I braved the cold wind and went outside to photograph them.

Then I listed them at my two online stores(ArtFire Studio and Etsy Shop). All the kits (at both online stores) are priced at $4.00 and include the pattern. So, if you are getting a kit, save some money and don't purchase the pattern separately!

I listed these 4 at my ArtFire Studio (in the "Kits - Criss Cross" section):
Red and Black

And, these 4 at my Etsy Shop (under the "KITS Criss Cross" section):


These are all the "Criss Cross Bracelet" kits I have at this time. I am running low in some others as well (i.e. kits for the Serpentine Bracelet), so it looks like I have my work cut out for me. I am also working on editing my shops (always with the editing!) and a long list of other chores. We will see what I get done.

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