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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Entrapped - A New Bracelet Design

Several years ago, I experimented with knotting "in the round" but, had some problems making it work. So, I set it aside...

These past few days, I have resurrected the idea and this time it worked out! I started with the lovely lampwork bead that my sister made. (She just started bead making this year and sent me several samples). Then I had some undrilled agates that I wanted to "entrap" to give form and a subtle "shining through" to the bracelet.

I even experimented with the structure of the button-hole as you can see in this photo (below). I knotted "in the round" for part of the way so as to blend in with the rest of the bracelet.

Of course, as I made this bracelet, I came up with several ideas to improve it...more on that later as I get examples made up.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Victorian Lace and Christmas Sparkle

So, I was sitting there contemplating Christmas...and I thought "I bet the Victorian Lace series would look great in Christmas colors" and so these are my results.

I tried twice to make the matching bracelet. Alas, it has been so long since I made one of those I forgot how long to cut the cord. Although I cut it longer the second time, it was still too short! Of course, I did not discover this until halfway through the bracelet (both times) when I noticed I was running out of cord. So, take heart, even experienced knotters make mistakes.

Then, because I was so disgusted with myself, I had to set that project aside for awhile. I just could not face it again so soon.

And, you guessed it, I am working on creating a pattern for the necklace. It is still in the development stage, though. I have not even photographed the steps yet. Had to work out some kinks in the design first.

The concept is similar to the one I used for the Fans Necklace. So, those of you who have been making that set, may be able to figure out how to do this one...let me know if you do. I'd be happy to publish any results you achieve as well.

This blue one was actually the first set I made. The one in red (above) was the result of correcting a few of those kinks I mentioned and because it's color scheme, I felt it should have place of honor at the top.
By the way, I have listed a couple of package deals at my Pattern Shop (remember, you save money and get to download right away when you buy my patterns there):

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"Victorian Lace Pattern Package" - includes "Victorian Lacy Ripples Bracelet" and "Victorian Lace Earrings" patterns for only $4.00.

Edited to add:

Find the finished sets for sale at my ArtFire Studio:

Victorian Lace Necklace and Earrings in Red
Victorian Lace Necklace and Earrings in Blue

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Criss Cross Bracelet Kits

Okay. Because we are having a cold spell down here in South Central Texas (We might even get a few snowflakes this week!), I tried to photograph the "Criss Cross Bracelet" kits inside with some daylight bulbs. I was not satisfied as there was just too much orange in the photos of the red kits. So I braved the cold wind and went outside to photograph them.

Then I listed them at my two online stores(ArtFire Studio and Etsy Shop). All the kits (at both online stores) are priced at $4.00 and include the pattern. So, if you are getting a kit, save some money and don't purchase the pattern separately!

I listed these 4 at my ArtFire Studio (in the "Kits - Criss Cross" section):
Red and Black

And, these 4 at my Etsy Shop (under the "KITS Criss Cross" section):


These are all the "Criss Cross Bracelet" kits I have at this time. I am running low in some others as well (i.e. kits for the Serpentine Bracelet), so it looks like I have my work cut out for me. I am also working on editing my shops (always with the editing!) and a long list of other chores. We will see what I get done.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Criss Cross Bracelet Pattern

Finally, it is done! I have been trying for weeks and weeks to get this pattern finished. It seemed that every time I planned on working on it, something else came up.
Elegant yet flirty, this micro macrame bracelet is not too difficult to make (mostly Square Knots with some Lark's Head and OverHand knots.) It has a bead & loop closure and so can be made with no metal parts!

I provide continued support and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Find answers and post questions here on this website. Just click on "Patterns" under "Categories" in the sidebar. Scroll to this "Criss Cross Bracelet Pattern" listing to find or post applicable comments. Or, you may contact me (see profile).

Find this pattern at my Etsy Shop, my ArtFire Studio, or to save a little money and time, find it at my Pattern Shop.

Edited to add: I have some kits made up, but still need to photograph them. When that is done, I will list them in my Etsy Shop and in my ArtFire Studio.

Here are a few variations on beads used:

Another view of the variations. The bottom 3 bracelets have a toggle clasp - sorry, instructions do not include how to do this clasp at this time. I hope to get around to it in the future. I am showing them as they are examples of using irregular shaped beads and gemstone chips.

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