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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Love ArtFire!

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

Well, I think I am finally getting to know about all the features offered at ArtFire. And, I must say I am quite impressed.

First of all, I need to mention that the "Basic Membership" does not include all the features, but for the holiday season at least, you will get unlimited listings.

I went ahead and signed up for the "Verified Member" account. It is only $12.00 per month no matter how many listings or how many sales you make. Sweet.

What I love (Verified Member account):

The many ways you can customize your "Studio". I will play more with different banners later as I am still busy setting up and getting everything listed. This feature allows you to make your shop your own.

The "ArtFire Kiosk" that allows people to buy directly from my Facebook page. The "Rapid Cart" feature that allows people to buy directly from this website (see sidebar).

No matter where someone places their order (Rapid Cart, ArtFire Kiosk, or my Studio) customers need not sign up for an account. The only downside to this is that without an account, they also cannot leave feedback (called "Karma" on ArtFire).

You can import items from your Etsy Shop and you can post your Etsy Mini Gallery right on your ArtFire Studio storefront.

You get a blog (integrated right into the Studio) so people can quickly and easily see updates and any additional information you care to share.

You get a "Global Editor" where you can change something (tags, for example) on all items at once.

You can make up coupon codes for specials/sales...For example, I am planning a "Grand Opening" Sale on all my finished jewelry very soon. (Hopefully this weekend - if I can get everything listed in time).

They offer extensive "Help Guides" on everything you need to know.

And, I am still learning...

If you decide to sign up for your own ArtFire Studio, mention KnotGypsyDesigns and if I get enough referrals, I will get my membership paid for. But, even if you don't mention my name, I highly recommend ArtFire for anyone who wants to sell handmade items online.

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Angelika@ Purple Sage Designz said...

I love artfire as well, it has really taken off for me.
Good luck and happy sales!

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