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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Knot News - A New System on the Way

Okay. I have tested E-Junkie and it seems to work.

For now, I have placed the new "Fans Necklace and Earrings" along with the "Fans Bracelet" patterns in the sidebar with "add to cart" and "view cart" buttons. You may now purchase them there and be directed to download right after paying. No more waiting for me to check my email and send you your pattern! And, since I don't have to do any emailing, they are at a lower price than found in My Etsy Shop or my ArtFire Studio.

I have begun listing "Fans" kits (with the patterns, so don't buy the pattern here if you want the pattern and the kit) over at my ArtFire Studio.

Over the next days and weeks, I will be integrating this system and my new ArtFire Studio into this website. As always, I welcome questions, comments, and feedback.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fans Necklace and Earrings Pattern and a Test

I have revised/rewritten the Fans Earrings pattern for clarity and to include the instructions for the necklace as well. Here's the blurb:

This striking micro macrame design is simple in conception, but needs a bit of practice to master. Necklace and Earrings nicely match the "Fans Bracelet". Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate (some knotting and beading experience helpful).

This design primarily uses Double Half-Hitch knots with Lark's Head knots at the beginning and ending. The trickiest parts are beginning, ending, and determining how many seed beads to use per strand. It is all covered in the instructions with plenty of photos.

The instructions and materials lists are written for the "Two Tone" version (see earrings on right side of photo above), but a tip is provided under "Variations" (at end of pattern) on how to do the "Speckled" version (see necklace and earrings on left side of photo above). Also under "Variations" are suggestions for varying the "tail" or "drop" segments.

I provide continued support and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Find answers and post questions here on this website. Just click on "Patterns" under "Categories" in the sidebar. Scroll to this "Fans Necklace and Earrings Pattern" listing to find or post applicable comments. Or, you may contact me (see my profile).

I am trying to make my patterns available on this website and for customers to be able to be directed to download immediately upon payment - rather than waiting for me to email the pattern to them. So, I am offering this NEW improved FANS Necklace and Earrings pattern for $1.00 during the testing phase.

To participate, just click on the "Buy Now" button and proceed. If you are not directed to where you can download the pattern, please contact me (see profile) and I will email you the pattern. Either way, you get the pattern.

Edit: Testing is now over. The new system seems to work and so I will be working to install it here. Thanks everyone for your help.

Find "Basic Knots and Helpful Hints" here. I am working on a revised "Materials" document that integrates everything. Hopefully I will have it done in the next week or so. Until then, check out "Materials and Sources" under "Categories" in the sidebar for information on materials used.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Knot News - Some Changes on the Way

Remember "Fans Earrings get a Facelift"? You know where I went crazy and had a lot of fun with making up different "tails" for the Fans Earrings? Well, my craziness did not end there.

I got busy and figured out a design for matching necklaces to "Fans", "Diamonds" and a hybrid "Diamond Fans". Photo above shows the results of my labor of love.

Then, I got to work on patterns for the new hybrid and the necklaces, and they all inter-related, and my brain got locked up. Finally last night, my brain unlocked a bit and I have nearly finished the pattern for "Fans Necklace and Earrings".

I have revised, rewritten and reorganized the old pattern for the earrings and integrated the new necklace into it. I should have it out next week - just a few finishing touches, a couple of photos, and formatting to go.

I will then begin work on the others. I also have most of the photography done for the "Criss Cross Bracelet and Earrings" and will hopefully be able to write it up as well in the coming weeks.

I'll save the rest of the photos for when the patterns are finished. After all, I need something to post with their introduction to the internet, don't I?

Remember "Testing a new process"? Well that version did not work, but I think I may have found the solution in another site - e-Junkie! Apparently, they provide storage for pdf documents and "buy now" and "add to cart" buttons so you can sell your documents from your website. This is exactly what I was looking for. So, when I get the new pattern finished, I will test out this new "e-Junkie" system with it.

So then, I joined Facebook so I could play Scrabble with an old Friend who lives in another state and so I could view her photos of her kitties. I am a sucker for kitties as my eight can attest to! I was happily surprised to find an acquaintance on Facebook as well and was perusing her page last night when I saw that she had signed up for a store on ArtFire...

I checked it out, was impressed and now KnotGypsy Has a New ArtFire Store! It is a great deal - free with the Basic Membership. Basic membership includes the "studio" (online store), basic functionality and even a few color palettes to choose from You can keep up to 12 items listed at all times and there is NO CHARGE for this. If you want all the functionality, unlimited listing, and more choices in color and presentation, Verified Membership is only $12.00/month. Period. I am excited to see how this works out. I see possibilities...

Find my ArtFire widget in the left hand sidebar (scroll down). It includes "Rapid Cart" from which you can purchase items directly without having to sign up for any accounts as is also the case in the actual ArtFire studio as well.

Oh, yeah, I figured out how to make banners with Picasa photo editing software (free from Google)...and voila! I now have matching banners for this website, My Etsy Shop, and My ArtFire Studio.

Even though I have not written much lately, you can see that I have been busy. I even listed a few more kits in my Etsy Shop. And, yes, I will be keeping my Etsy Shop as it has been very good to me. I am not sure how I will be dividing up my inventory between them, I suspect that will be a journey of discovery as well.

Time to get back to work, or perhaps I will just sit back and admire my progress so far.
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