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Monday, August 10, 2009

Testing a new process

Aug 11, afternoon: Notice: I have put the test on hold temporarily - Had one success and two failures and so I must try to figure out what went wrong and try again. Thanks to those who participated.

Wouldn't it be great if you could buy a pattern and immediately after checkout, get sent directly to the document where you could download it? It would save you from having to wait, and it would save me time spent on emailing. More time to put together some kits...write more patterns...make more jewelry!

Well, Google has recently added the feature of being able to upload pdf documents and the ability to share them with anyone, whether or not they have a Google account.

So, I am running a test. I made a "Buy Now" PayPal button for "Waves Bracelet Pattern". I have placed it in the sidebar right under "About". For the purposes of this test, I am offering the pattern for only $1.00.

If it works, you should be sent directly to the pdf document after checkout. You should be able to view it, print it, or download it from there.

If it does not work, contact me (see my profile) and I will email you the pattern. Either way, you get the pattern for $1.00!

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