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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Knot News - Update on New Pattern and More Kits

Okay. I got distracted by several things.

First, one of my older cats had to have all her back teeth pulled (gum disease) and of course I had to nurse her back to health. She is doing great now, she is eating just fine and gaining some weight back. She still has her front teeth so she can bite us, she just cannot chew us up!

Then, I still have the ongoing business of taking care of my new garden. I am having fun, but it does take up some of my time.

And, a friend has been going through a rough patch and has needed some of my time.

This is just to mention a few things. Seems that just when you have your plans made, Life has a way of changing them!

But, I did get some kits made up this week and am listing them in My Etsy Shop. I am hoping to get back on that "Arrow Bracelet" pattern early next week...if all goes well.

Also, My Sweetie is having some medical problems (hopefully minor) and will be getting some tests done soon. As a result, we will be needing to cover the expenses. Health care is not what it used to be - nowadays it is more of a "discount" system than any kind of real coverage what with the co-pay, the deductible, and having to pay a further percentage of the total. I remember the days when you either had an HMO where all you paid was a co-pay or you had the kind of coverage where you paid a percentage.

So, I am working on putting together a SALE in My Etsy Shop to generate (hopefully) some cash. Keep checking back for more details as I finalize this plan (probably next week).

Hoping all is well in your world,
Bye for now.


Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Hi Donna,
Can you email me a picture of your criss cross bracelet? I would like to see it. Do you have anymore new designs floating about. I did finish the fan and diamond set and gave it away as a gift to a friend who is getting married later on this month. She told me she was wearing the set for it went with her wedding attire perfectly.
I do have another necklace on the board. This time I am kinda winging it on my own with out instructions and I am using hand dyed size 10 thread to make the necklace in. So far so good...I will send you a picture of it after I get your email address again and I have the necklace finished.
Your designs are wonderful!!!

KnotGypsy said...

Sounds like you are off and running with this micro macrame thing...

I look forward to seeing your new necklace when it is finished!

I'll be posting a photo of Criss Cross any day now...

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