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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Arrow Bracelet Pattern

Finally, it is done. I have finished the pattern for "Arrow Bracelet".

Fun to make and so beautiful!

Although based on my "Diamonds Bracelet Pattern", this "Arrow Bracelet Pattern" is a bit more intricate. So, this pattern is recommended for intermediate knotters/beaders. (Some knotting and beading experience would be helpful.)

I provide instructions for the basic 7" bracelet, including a variation of motif and tips on making smaller and longer bracelets. You could even make a choker!


The Basic Bracelet has focal beads in the center of the "diamond" segments:

as in this bracelet:

And, this one:

Variation 2 has no focal bead in the "diamond" segments, but a lattice-like motif instead:

as in this bracelet:

Find the pattern for sale at My Etsy Shop. I have also listed a few kits for those who just want to try one out without buying all the materials in bulk. (Find it in "Patterns" section if not on front page)

I am trying something new with this pattern. I am using the html format to save the document and so it will open in your browser instead of in pdf format to open in Adobe Reader. I can sent it zipped or unzipped. For those with email accounts that have limits on attachments, I can provide access to the url where the document lives a private life. (I just add their email address to the "approved viewers" list. ) It can be printed or saved from there.

EDIT: Oh well, it was a good idea, but I think I should stick to Pdf format as the html requires a bit more computer savvy than some people may have. So to keep it simple for my customers, I will remain with the pdf version unless requested otherwise. Easy enough as I have both versions saved. For those with email accounts that have limits on attachments, I can still provide access to the url where the document lives a private life.

On to the next pattern: "Criss Cross Bracelet and Earrings". I have it set up, but am unsure when I can get it finished, so no promises today.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Knot News - Update on New Pattern and Some Ramblings

Well, I have not yet finished the new "Arrow Bracelet Pattern", however I am almost there! All I have left is about half of the text...and proofreading. I even have some kits made up and waiting in the wings! They should all be ready and listed within the next two days (probably tomorrow, but you know how these things go...)

I have recently signed up for Scribd. It is a site where you can upload documents. So I uploaded my free patterns, "Spirals Anklet or Bracelet" and "Spirals KeyChain". From what I understand, you can publish those documents (which I have done), or you can make them private and allow only those you want to have access. Of the published documents, viewers can rate the documents with a thumbs up or a thumbs down. There is even a Scribd store where you can sell your documents. I am giving it a try. It may be another venue to sell my patterns and get exposure for my website. A woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do. So if anyone belongs to Scribd, go check out the two free patterns and give them a thumb's up...

I do have some other designs waiting to be written up into patterns and there is that book I have been wanting to write...I better get busy, Talk to ya'll later.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Knot News - Update on New Pattern and More Kits

Okay. I got distracted by several things.

First, one of my older cats had to have all her back teeth pulled (gum disease) and of course I had to nurse her back to health. She is doing great now, she is eating just fine and gaining some weight back. She still has her front teeth so she can bite us, she just cannot chew us up!

Then, I still have the ongoing business of taking care of my new garden. I am having fun, but it does take up some of my time.

And, a friend has been going through a rough patch and has needed some of my time.

This is just to mention a few things. Seems that just when you have your plans made, Life has a way of changing them!

But, I did get some kits made up this week and am listing them in My Etsy Shop. I am hoping to get back on that "Arrow Bracelet" pattern early next week...if all goes well.

Also, My Sweetie is having some medical problems (hopefully minor) and will be getting some tests done soon. As a result, we will be needing to cover the expenses. Health care is not what it used to be - nowadays it is more of a "discount" system than any kind of real coverage what with the co-pay, the deductible, and having to pay a further percentage of the total. I remember the days when you either had an HMO where all you paid was a co-pay or you had the kind of coverage where you paid a percentage.

So, I am working on putting together a SALE in My Etsy Shop to generate (hopefully) some cash. Keep checking back for more details as I finalize this plan (probably next week).

Hoping all is well in your world,
Bye for now.
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