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Monday, December 29, 2008

Victorian Lace EARRINGS

I got busy beading this past weekend. I started out just using up some scraps of cord and these Victorian Lace earrings are just the thing. They don't require a lot of cord and so scraps left over from larger projects work perfectly.

But, then, I was having so much fun, I decided to try the pattern with some Omega nylon crochet thread...

These last two are my favorites, I think. I will be keeping the green and purple ones. After all, I deserve some new bling don't I?

I have begun listing them in my Etsy Shop in the "Earrings" section. I will be listing more each day. So, keep checking back.

If you want to learn how to make them yourself, you can find the pattern in the "Patterns" section of my Etsy Shop. Read more about this pattern here.


busbytest said...

I enjoy watching the designs of this jewelries. They are so Fabulous.

Anonymous said...

These earrings are simply adorable. I like your work very much.

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