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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Spirals Anklet or Bracelet PATTERN

This pattern is now available for FREE! Merry Christmas!

This is a simple but elegant design in micro macrame, making it good for Beginners. The most difficult aspect to this project is in stringing 4 strands of cord through the 8mm focal beads. I provide a tip for doing this in the instructions .

Knots used: Mostly Half-Knots with a few Lark's Head Knots, Square Knots, and OverHand Knots.

Materials Needed: 8mm faceted Czech fire-polished rounds, size 11 seed beeds, C-lon nylon cord, and a button. You will also need a work surface (i.e. cork board, old style Puzzle Pad mouse pad, etc) pins, scissors, clear fingernail polish and glue.

Once mastered, this design provides plenty of room for creativity. By varying the different design aspects like color, shape (of beads), spacing, etc., you can create your own "Spirals" designs! You can also vary the tassel, go wild if you want! This one simple design has a multitude of possibilities. I hope you have fun finding them.

Want to try one out, but don't want to go out an buy all the materials in bulk? I offer kits for this pattern here.

I provide continued support in case you have questions regarding the pattern instructions. So, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to ask. You may contact me (see my profile) or leave your question in "comments" below.


KnotGypsy said...

Transferred from previous website:

13 Oct 07 - by Pat de Verre of "Ca' Lucia" Creations" (http://www.patdeverre.canalblog.com/):

"Thanks for sharing. Your website is very nice and clear to browse."

Dave Robertson said...

Hi KnotGypsy,

Thanks for sharing this design. You know, it's got that lustrous amber look that seems to be getting very popular...! BTW you can get most of the parts also at Rings & Things - - at wholesale prices.


at Rings & Things

KnotGypsy said...

Really hard to compete with Fire Mountain Gems, though. Especially since they went to everything being "assortable" meaning if you buy a certain number of items (of any kind), you qualify for the quantity discount. (Used to be if you bought a certain number of a certain item, you would qualify for the discount for that item).

Dave Robertson said...

I know what you mean. But I often find that our prices wind up being better. Sometimes it depends which items you're buying!


Bea said...

I love the colors in this.

Your Etsy shop is really cool -- I don't have the kind of patience for that kind of knotwork and I love the patterns you have on your more complex pieces.

Where'd you find that button? It's so detailed....

KnotGypsy said...

Ah, Dave, with Fire Mountain Gems, it does not matter which item...I do so love them as I can order my usual stock beads and a few things "just to try out" and still get my discount (on all the items). And I don't have to buy a lot of any one item. Ever.

So, if anyone else has tried "Rings and Things" and have input, please leave a comment here. I have had a look at the site, but I don't have time to really compare prices at this time. Maybe later.

Thank you, Barbara!

This pattern does not really require much patience, except for stringing the tiny beads. The rest is just Square Knots.

I don't remember where I got that button, probably Hobby Lobby (local hobby store) or Walmart.

Me said...

Wow! You are really talented I love looking at your work!

Reina said...

how did you do that 1st step of the spiral pattern? it's not that clear to me, maybe its better if you post videos :) but i love your works please reply about that 1st step, i really want to make one of those :)

KnotGypsy said...

Looking at the photo in step 1:

You have two strands of cord, right?

Fold them over to find the center (midpoint) of the cords.

Line the midpoint of the cords up with the pin in the top center of work surface.

On the left side of work surface, using Slip Knot (see Basic Knots - find it on the free downloads page, link at top of webpage) pin both ends to the work surface.

On the right side pin only one end down. (Leave one end free as this strand will be your Knotting cord.

Your work should look like photo.

Hope this helps, if not, email me - see profile at top left of webpage)

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