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Sunday, September 7, 2008

In Search of the Perfect System

I am ever in search of the Perfect System. Right now the Perfect System I am trying to achieve is the one for listing kits in my Etsy Shop.

I have been working on Standardizing my kits and have made progress on that. Now, when I make up kits, I make up a couple in each color. Then I list one of each and re-list as they sell. That is working pretty good. I am saving some time in photography and in listing.

Today, I worked on Standardizing my system for listing. Previously, I have been posting the photo of the kit's contents as the first photo. But there is nothing to really distinguish one kit from all the rest. No good visual cues.

My Solution:

Beginning with the Diamonds Bracelet Kits I made up this weekend, I am listing them under a new system. I made an "icon" photo (see photo at top of this post). I am using it as the icon photo (first photo in listing) for all "KIT - Diamonds Bracelet" kits. That way, one can see at a glance that the listing is for that pattern. This will come in handy when I begin to make kits for some of the variations like "Frilly Fans" (based on Fans Bracelet Pattern).

I will be incorporating this system as I make and list more kits. Once the new system is fully in operation, it will be easier to browse my "Kits" section and see at a glance what kind of kits are listed. I hope this helps cut down confusion.

Here's another tip for finding a specific kit at my Etsy shop. Once you are at my Etsy home page, find "search" box at top. Type in KIT - Name of pattern (i.e. KIT - Diamonds Bracelet). That should get you a search results list of all "diamonds bracelet"(for example) kits.

I am sure this system will morph as I go along...As always, I am open to suggestions for improving my system. If you have suggestion or if you have a problem I need to address, you may leave your comments here (at end of post) or you may contact me (see profile).

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