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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Somebody Told Murphy on Me

Okay. So, I got the second computer set up. The one a friend gave me. It was working just fine, even got that copy of Windows XP installed and everything. But, I think someone told Murphy (of Murphy's Law) that I was having some things go well....

So. Murphy can't have that. Turns out that the reason the power supply was out on that computer was because the motherboard was bad...So, now a new power supply, new motherboard, and a new CPU, and yes, new RAM are installed and I indeed have a mostly new computer now. The only thing I did not have to replace was the hard drive and the case! Oh well.

But that is not all. We had ordered the aforementioned parts and they arrived last Friday. On Saturday, we were set to build the computer. Actually my Sweetie is the techie and I just help.

On Saturday morning I got the telltale visual "aura" of a migraine. Drat. I really hate those. I took a pain pill to forestall the headache and muddled through the day. I tried a few times to nap, but could not sleep much. I just can't seem to take naps - can't sleep.

Luckily my Sweetie did most of the work and late that night he turned it over to me to install Windows XP...that part went well, but then, I got another "aura". I have never had two in the same day before. Probably because of menopause, my hormones are confused these days. Oh well, I got to sleep most of this second one off as it was nearly time for bed anyway.

Sunday, I got the computer connected to the internet and of course downloaded my favorite internet software - Firefox (browser), AVG (anti-virus ), and ZoneAlarm (firewall) - all FREE and all GREAT. Late that night, I got another "aura". Now, this was getting tiresome. It really takes a lot out of me even when I just get the "aura". It leaves me befuddled - my right brain seems fine, but my left brain (logic) not so much. Okay, time will pass and it will go away.

I recuperated a bit on Monday, just felt like I had been through the wringer. Then, Tuesday, I got another one! I am getting nervous now. I don't usually get migraines very often - every couple of months or so and never before have I gotten so many "auras" in one week. I think menopause may be arriving with a bang. Thanks be to the Universe (HaHa).

I relate my migraines to my hormones because: I first got migraines during puberty (about 2-3 times a month). Then, they settled into a schedule of once a month...dwindling over the years to almost never. So, I gathered they were related to hormones. Some people get migraines triggered by foods, but mine never seemed to fall into that pattern - yes, I tested with various foods said to be triggers. I thank all that is holy that chocolate was not a trigger of migraines for me. What would I do without chocolate? In fact, chocolate seems to help.

Well, I am getting older and a few years ago, the migraines began to make a comeback. They are becoming more frequent and it would make sense for them to be connected to hormones (for me anyway) as both puberty and menopause are both times of hormonal changes.

So, I am subsequently behind on several of my projects. Until I have recuperated a bit more, I am just not able to concentrate enough to work on them. Hopefully, tomorrow, I will be back up to speed. Now, I think I will go eat some of that chocolate...

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