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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Free Micro Macrame Pattern

Basic Key Chain

I decided to make "Spirals Key Chain" available for FREE...

Great pattern for Beginners!

Find tip on adjusting basic pattern to accommodate the different types of focal beads here. If you would like a pdf version emailed to you, just contact me (see my profile). Below, are a few of my variations on the basic pattern...just to give you some ideas.

Variation 1. Different type focal beads. Here I used wood.
Variation 2. Omitted the alternating half-hitch chains and used hand made fabric focal bead.
Variation 3. Different shape focal beads and omitted alternating half-hitch chains.


Anonymous said...

Can I use silk embroidery thread instead of nylon?

KnotGypsy said...

I have never used silk thread, but, you should be able to use any type thread or cord you wish.

You will have better results if you try to match the gauge (thickness) to the project.

Also, the strands in thread tends to be more loosely bonded than that of cord...in this case, you really do need to paint the ends (with clear fingernail polish) and twist (then dry) to get a nice stiff end that will not fray. Snip the ends and Repeat as necessary. See http://www.knotgypsydesigns.com/2008/04/hopefully-helpful-hints-and-resources.html for more info.

I'd love to hear how it turns out and if possible, see your results! Contact me (see profile) or leave a comment here if you get a project finished with silk thread and have any words of wisdom to add here.

If you have any more questions, please ask. I will be happy to answer with what I know.

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