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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Pattern Coming Soon

I am currently working on my next pattern - "Diamonds Bracelet". I got the photography done last week and thought I would have the pattern ready in just a few days. Well, ummm, I guess I am not so good at estimating how long something will take.

I now have all the photography edited and about 1/3 of the text written. Then the pattern will need to be formatted for pdf...so, I now estimate it will take me at least another week to complete this project. I hope it will take less, but...I am trying to learn my lesson.

To anyone I previously told that this pattern should be ready in "a few days", I apologize.

This pattern will be comprised of two separate pdf documents - "Diamonds Bracelet" and "Diamonds Variations". The basic pattern is written for the button closure and uses heavier cord and no large focal beads. "Variations" will include instructions for closure with lobster claw clasp as well as using larger focal beads and C-lon cord.

While I was playing with this design for pattern making, I could not resist using the motif for a necklace to match one of the Diamonds Bracelets. Some of my cords ran short as I got to the centerpiece and I had to creatively work them out. As always, the prototype teaches me what works and what doesn't. I think my next one (whenever I get around to it) will be much better. In fact, I am hoping to make an improved set for the Fire Mountain Gems annual beading contest.

Well, I guess I should get back to work on writing that text...

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