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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Diamonds Bracelet Pattern

I did it! I finally finished the "Diamonds Bracelet" Pattern. This pattern includes the instructions for the Basic Bracelet (with the button closure) and instructions for 3 variations. Included in those variations are instructions for a lobster claw clasp. The basic bracelet (with the button closure) is fairly easy to make.

Find this pattern and more in the "Patterns" Section of my Etsy Shop. Want to try one out, but don't want to go out an buy all the materials in bulk? I offer kits for this pattern here.

What a week. I got the Windows XP for my "new" computer and got it installed. I then got it online and downloaded FireFox (my favorite browser) and AVG Virus protection (another favorite). I am still having some problems with audio, but my Sweetie promises to help me with that this weekend. I had to get a new computer desk for it and make room for it...you know how it is when you live with a pack rat - no room. Well, I found a corner and brought my retro wooden desk from a back room and made myself a "corner office". I call it my "Command Center" and threatened my Sweetie with "dire consequences" if he piled anything up in my area. I think he understands.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Awesome Micro Macrame

I have been admiring "Grannyx's" (Jeanne Wertman) work for about a year. She does some incredible micro macrame and other hand work.

She recently tried one of my patterns "Fans Bracelet" and the above photo is her result. I am honored by this piece.

In her words: "Here is one of the ones I made....as you can see I like the little dangle's you show on some of your others...I think it's a good way to end the cords." So, she likes dangles/tassels, too. They are a bit of fun, don't you think?

Let's all give this talented woman a great big hand and a big grin!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Murphy Strikes Again

Wouldn't you just know it? I set a goal to have the new pattern finished in a week. Then, one thing after another gets in the way!

This week, we have been having some computer troubles. Nothing devastating, thankfully, but dealing with these troubles is annoying and time consuming We think we are getting close to needing to reformat the hard drive...

On a positive note, we have been putting together a second computer. A friend gave us a tower that only needed a power supply. And, because my Sweetie is a computer geek who never throws anything away, we had a perfectly good power supply in an older defunct computer. We also had an older monitor, keyboard, and mouse. I have just ordered a copy of Windows XP for it and should be online with my "new" computer soon. (Shhh. Don't tell Murphy).

Then, because we live on the outskirts of Hurricane Dolly's range, we have had a few thunderstorms this week. Nothing serious, but we live in a house with a tin roof and have lost computers to lightning before. And, even though we have our computer hooked up to an uninterrupted power supply with surge protection, I don't trust my computer to a Texas thunderstorm. I turn off everything and unplug it to be safe. Safe, but it cuts into my time on the computer when I could have been working on the new pattern.

Even so, I have done some work on the new pattern. I have finished the text and formatting for the basic pattern. I have begun uploading the photography for the "variations" segment and will hopefully get it finished next week.

Have a great weekend, do something fun. I am going to watch Cirque de Soleil's Dralion (rented from Netflix) with my Sweetie...bye for now.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Pattern Coming Soon

I am currently working on my next pattern - "Diamonds Bracelet". I got the photography done last week and thought I would have the pattern ready in just a few days. Well, ummm, I guess I am not so good at estimating how long something will take.

I now have all the photography edited and about 1/3 of the text written. Then the pattern will need to be formatted for pdf...so, I now estimate it will take me at least another week to complete this project. I hope it will take less, but...I am trying to learn my lesson.

To anyone I previously told that this pattern should be ready in "a few days", I apologize.

This pattern will be comprised of two separate pdf documents - "Diamonds Bracelet" and "Diamonds Variations". The basic pattern is written for the button closure and uses heavier cord and no large focal beads. "Variations" will include instructions for closure with lobster claw clasp as well as using larger focal beads and C-lon cord.

While I was playing with this design for pattern making, I could not resist using the motif for a necklace to match one of the Diamonds Bracelets. Some of my cords ran short as I got to the centerpiece and I had to creatively work them out. As always, the prototype teaches me what works and what doesn't. I think my next one (whenever I get around to it) will be much better. In fact, I am hoping to make an improved set for the Fire Mountain Gems annual beading contest.

Well, I guess I should get back to work on writing that text...
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