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Friday, June 13, 2008

Tapestry Bracelet Kits

KIT - Tapestry Bracelet - Cream Soda

Well, I did get around to putting together some kits. I have listed 4 Tapestry Bracelet kits and 2 Spirals Anklet kits. I am continuing to work on standardizing my kit assembly process so I can save some time - time I can spend on producing more patterns.

I have also been busy trying to learn to garden. What with the cost of food on the rise, I thought a garden might be nice. I have done some gardening in the past, but really I am an amateur. So many things to do, never enough time...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just a Few Lines...

I am posting just a few lines to let you all know:

That I have been busy this week helping out a friend who recently underwent oral surgery. I am back home as of last evening...then as I was getting ready for bed, one of my migraines struck. Luckily I was already headed for bed and was able to sleep off most of it. Today, I am in the tail end and so will not be able to get back to work as I had planned.

I have kept an eye on orders and so have been able to get them shipped out. However, I have not had time to put together any more kits...

The article in Step By Step Bead magazine seems to have increased business for me and so getting those kits together is a priority on my "To Do" list. Hopefully soon, I will be able to list some at My Etsy Shop.

Thank you for your patience.

As always, comments and questions are welcome.
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