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Friday, May 9, 2008

Purefire Waxworks

A few weeks ago, I was bitten by our first mosquito of the season. Yes, we are already warming up down here in south central Texas...So, I was reminded of one of my favorite Etsy Sellers...

...The woman who owns and operates Purefire Waxworks - Gently Hand Crafted Candles & Incense. She specializes in using natural ingredients in her incense and candles.

I originally ordered some citronella incense from her last year. It really does keep the mosquitoes at bay - even Texas ones! So, I have become a regular customer. Anything that chases mosquitoes and smells so very nice while doing so is a wonderful thing in my book.

I have gone on to try some of her other incense and some candles - all very nice. And, she provides excellent customer service.

So, if you like candles and incense and want some that is hand made and of natural ingredients, I don't think you will find a better place to go. She should have some of that citronella incense out soon, or you can contact her and ask her about it. (I would not mind if you mention my name...smile)

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Anonymous said...

I have a heavy hatred for mosquitos right now -caught Malaria this summer and am still bitter- so I might just have to check that out.

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