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Friday, May 9, 2008

Some of the Most Beautiful Micro Macrame Work I have ever seen

"I was a nomad for many years, and supported myself by making this knotted jewelry (macrame), incorporating nylon colored threads, beads, and semi-precious stones. Thus the name nomadic knotwork..."

-Quote and photo are from artist's website Nomadic KnotWork

Some time back, one of my readers sent me the link to this artists website. I wanted to share it with you as I think this work is impressive. I am in awe.

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KnotGypsy said...

Following comments transferred with post:

Ana - Gorgeous necklaces! Love macrame too and have made some bags and jewelry too.

Gimme A Dream - This lady's work is astounding alright. Beautiful!

Michele - Wow. KnotGypsy you just keep showing me how beautiful micro-macrame is. Who would have thought our mother's and grandmother's hobby to make plant hangers could transform to something so wonderful?

Angelqiue van Engelen - Hi, If you want to check out beautiful PAPER based beads, look here http://paperbeans.multiply.com and be amazed at the striking similarity between your site and their's. I guess inspiration leads people in similar ways. Obviously the jeweller makers share a passion for aubergine... Beautiful stuff you have by the way.
Regards, Angelique

I replied: Those paper beads are lovely!

Actually, I have used that technique for making fabric beads as well! Fabric beads are even durable enough for key chain fobs! That reminds me…I have a lot of fabric waiting to be made into beads…

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