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Friday, May 23, 2008

I am Standardizing my Kits

(KIT - Fans Bracelet - Purple)

With 8 patterns (so far), I am finding it time consuming to keep kits in my shop. Up until now, I have put kits together based on what I had on hand at the time. It takes time to decide what beads and cords to use and it takes time to photograph them...

I have decided to standardize my kits. I am working towards having a standard set of about 10 kits per pattern. I will save time on photography as each kit will only need to be photographed once. As a kit sells, I can just refill it with the same colors of beads and cord. I will save time on listing. As a kit sells, I can just relist it.

This system will eliminate some of the creative color combinations, but the efficiency of it will help keep costs down. I figure that once someone decides they like a particular pattern, they can experiment with color combinations to their heart's content.

I have started with Fans Bracelet and Fans Earrings Kits:

(KIT - Fans Earrings - Purple)

(KIT - Fans Bracelet - Amber)

(KIT - Fans Earrings - Amber)

Find all Fans kits (both bracelet and earrings) here.

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