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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Full Circle

I have come full circle. Since I began my online jewelry adventure, I have tried several website variations, only to return to Blogger. I am happy to be back. I realize I may sound a bit "eccentric", shall we say; but I feel as if I have come home.

Blogger is very easy to maintain and that is a big plus. Now, that I have the frustration of getting my domain name to point to this blog all behind me, all is well.

Actually, Blogger has not that often been difficult for me. When I bought the domain name for KnotGypsy's Kitchen Chronicles, I bought it through Google and I had no headaches at all. Google has everything automated through GoDaddy (where the domain is registered).

I ran into problems with this blog because I had my domain registered at Bravenet and had to handle the configuration myself. I had additional problems because I had used the domain name with another website and the configuration retained some of those settings. I am not much of a techie, so I did not realize I needed to get rid of those settings. I did not even know what they were for!

Live and Learn. Sometimes we jump over the fence because the grass looks greener only to find that, actually, we had just left the greener grass! So, we try to return.

A few years ago, I sent some jewelry to a friend to put in her seamstress shop. Her business has grown and she no longer has room to keep my jewelry on consignment. She has returned it to me along with several pieces of display equipment! What a friend!

So, for another return to a beginning, I decided to post photos of some of these older pieces (including the photo above). These bracelets and matching earrings were the results of my experiments with my "Lattice" series. I will be listing them at my Etsy Shop (at a discount) over the next several days. So, keep checking.

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