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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Button Drawer

When I lived in Austin, I got my buttons at Hancock Fabrics. The had such a great selection.

Alas, I now live 50 miles away and it is not so convenient to go there for buttons. So, the past few years, I have been getting most of my buttons at Walmart. Walmart has been cutting back on their sewing department and their selection of buttons is sadly lacking.

So. I went surfing for an online source. I chose to try The Button Drawer and have just received my first order from them. They have a wonderful selection. I bought a sampling of various buttons so I could get an idea of their quality. I am happy with their quality and I am very happy with their fast delivery. Their prices are reasonable and I will probably order from them again. The only drawback to their site is that the photos of their black buttons are not very clear. But, I do know the difficulty of photographing black items! - So, I will not hold it against them.

Now, I need to get some kits put together...bye for now.

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