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Friday, May 9, 2008

Beads! Beads! Beads!

New Beads! I love getting a new set of beads...so many colors. (drool, errrr, excuse me).

The last time I tried Czechoslavakian seed beads, their holes seemed a bit small. But oh the colors...so I bravely tried again (and how!). Since that time, I have discovered that C-lon cord can occasionally be flattened out in places. This makes the tip too wide to easily fit through those tiny holes. But, if I trim off the flattened part (and re-treat with fingernail polish of course), the resultant rounder tip will more easily fit. So, I ordered some Czech size 11 seed beads in all kinds of colors...They worked great! The hole sizes were just fine.

Find Seed and Bugle Beads here at Fire Mountain Gems.

Then, I was craving some new focals. Yes, I still love those faceted Czech fire-polished beads (they sparkle so nicely and their holes are reliably the right size), but I like to experiment. I really like the round Druk beads. They have a lot of finishes to choose from...but, again, hole size is a problem. Some of my micro macrame designs require 4 strands of cord to pass through the bead hole. I have found that the holes in the 6mm and 8mm sizes, the holes will only allow 2 strands of cord. Only the 10mm will allow 4 strands. So....I went ahead and bought a bunch. I will use the 10mm's in "Spirals" anklets (which require 4 strands to pass through the bead holes) without a lot of problems. And, most of my other designs require only 1-2 strands to pass through bead holes....As you can see in photo below of "Lacy Ripples Bracelet in Lustrous Blue" that the Druk beads worked fine.

Find Czech Glass Beads (both fire-polished, druk, and much more) at Fire Mountain Gems.

"Lacy Ripples Bracelet in Lustrous Blue"
Beaded with Druk blue lustre beads (6mm, 8mm, 10mm) and subtly highlighted with size 11 Czech seed beads in iridescent blueish gray along the edges.

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