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Friday, May 9, 2008

Arrow - A new Variation of Diamonds

I was playing with my new beads (again, still) and I really wanted to use the new bugle beads. The problem was that I only have a couple of designs that utilize bugle beads...so...I came up with a new variation on the basic "Diamonds" pattern.

This orange and red one was the first I tried (after making a sampler). I used a button closure because I wanted to see how it would work for this design. I like it alright, but it is a little bulky. So, I get to keep this one!

Then, I wanted to use colors of storm and water...and I varied the "diamond" segment by omitting the 6mm round focal and making it a "double diamond lattice work" segment. I also extended it with a 3rd motif set to make a large bracelet. The harmony of colors gives the "double diamond" a textured look. I did rather like this one...

Next, I wanted to play with contrast in colors. I also experimented with leaving off part of the beginning/ending segments to make a medium sized bracelet. I am not sure I like where I put the "pearly" seed beads...a little too busy? Ah, well, I have learned that sometimes when I think something did not work, someone disagrees with me - turns out, that is the piece they like best!

Lastly, but certainly not least, I wanted to use those cream and brown marbled focal beads...they look like chocolate, cream, and caramel...mmmmm...yum. Here I used the "pearly cream" seed beads in a more focused way and I do like the results...I want to keep this one even more than I want to keep the orange one. I love fire and I love chocolate! Can't I keep both???

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