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Friday, April 18, 2008

Work Surface

Let's talk about the surface used to pin your work to.

I got lucky, and bought a Puzzle Brand mousepad at garage sale many years ago (before I even started micro macrame!). I didn't even know why I was buying it, but it works wonderfully well. It is one of those old fashioned thick ones (5/8 inches thick, cloth covered). You, remember, those old, thick pads shaped kind of like a puzzle piece. I have just spent the last 30 minutes on google search looking for even an old used one. I failed. I could not find even one. Alas, all the modern mousepads are ultra thin. I have tried one of the new ones in a desperate attempt to have a back up in the event my beloved mousepad dies. Not so good.I don't know how I will survive when this one finally wears out.

A Call to the Universe: Help me find more of these thick mousepads!

Reading in various books on macrame, I see macrame boards, and cork boards mentioned (available at most hobby stores and some Walmarts). I have never tried the macrame boards, but I did try a cork (bulletin type) board, once. The cork board worked, but not nearly so well as my trusty mousepad. My mousepad is not only thick, but the foam rubber part is nice and dense. It grabs and holds my pins securely as I pull on it while knotting.

For now, my mousepad still lives. I worry about the day it dies. I will continue to search for one of these old type mousepads. Failing that, I will be looking for a pad of similar materials.

Anyone reading this blog, who knows of the whereabouts of such a pad, please leave a comment. Perhaps if enough of us crafters want some, some manufacturer will make them for us. I would even like one a little larger for larger projects. I mean, while I'm dreaming...

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