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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Victorian Lace Earrings PATTERN

Although called "Victorian Lace", this earring pattern actually matches the "Lacy Ripples Bracelet" pattern. The earrings not being long enough to achieve the "ripple" effect, they reminded me more of "Victorian Lace".

Pattern is fairly simple and would be a good pattern with which to practice you Lark's Head Knots. By varying the focal beads in number and shape and/or adding a "tail of beads" (as in the 2nd photo above), you can change the entire look of these earrings. A few ideas are provided at the end of this pattern. This pattern is a good way to use up leftover beads...

Find this pattern and more in "Patterns" section of my Etsy Shop. Want to try one out, but don't want to go out an buy all the materials in bulk? I offer kits for this pattern here.

Every endeavor is a journey, right? With this pattern, I used some of the photos from the matching bracelet pattern ("Lacy Ripples Bracelet) as the body is done in the same way for both earrings and bracelet. As I considered this time-saving idea, I realized that it illustrates the modular aspect to micro macrame. By viewing pieces in terms of Beginning, Body, and Finish; one can more easily see how to convert a bracelet pattern to an earring pattern and vice versa. I hope everyone agrees this is an improvement. Please let me know.

Well, I need to go promote this pattern a bit...Until later...

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