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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tapestry Bracelet PATTERN

Ever since I made the original "Tapestry Bracelet" some months ago, I have been receiving requests for the pattern. I have finally finished this pattern and have listed it at My Etsy Shop. See "Patterns" for this and other patterns. Want to try one out, but don't want to go out and buy all the materials in bulk? I offer kits for this pattern here.

This pattern has two levels and can be varied in very many ways. Make it wider or narrower, give the "bed" a more airy or more brick-like look. Beads in the upper layer can be varied for many, many different looks - you can even get a little bit sculptural with it. You are limited only by your imagination. I provide some ideas at the end of the pattern. (Instructions are written for the green bracelet in above photos with tips on how to vary it.).

I suggest having some micro macrame experience - at least intermediate level. Although, I do give very detailed instructions so some beginners may do all right. I would be interested in any feedback you may have about the difficulty level - I have been using this technique so very long that I am not so objective anymore. Just email me at address in next paragraph.

As always, I provide continued support and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Find answers and post questions here under comments. Or, you may contact me (see my profile) using the contact form on this website.


KnotGypsy said...

PSP wallpapers (of http://www.sonypspwallpapers.hi7.org) wrote:

Beautiful hand made jewelary. I'm going to visit the e-shop in a moment! :)

david santos said...

Really beautiful.

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