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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Riding the Waves

While playing with my basic "Waves" pattern, varying the beads I use. I dug into my stash of leftover beads and found some of various colors, shapes and sizes. Some are gemstone chips, some pressed glass, and some faceted. I have had a blast! I ended up making 5 bracelets and a choker (or collar) necklace. I am in the middle of another bracelet and the ideas are not slowing down...

(Photo at top shows my new creations in order from top to bottom. )

First, I did a simple variation - adding some stone beads in the "waves" part of the bracelet. I wanted to use my new imitation "cherry quartz" beads as focals and matched the rest of the bracelet to them. I tried a vermeil (gold-plated over sterling silver) hook and eye closure.

Second, I used orange gemston chips (sorry, I don't what they are) and green focals. This time I used a button closure without a tassel. I am sorely tempted to keep this one for my personal collection.

Third, I used an assortment of mixed glass beads in various shapes in aqua, teal, and white. This time, I started with the button and ended with the button hole with a tassel. I think this is my favorite closure for this bracelet series as it allows the bracelet to be worn with either side showing - reversible!

Fourth, I had to try for a necklace that could be worn as a choker or as a collar. I have wanted to use this assortment of white and clear beads for some time. I think this necklace, if worn with side A showing, would look great with that little black dress. Or, if worn with side B showing, It makes a beautiful bridal necklace. (In photo above, I folded the necklace so as to show both sides - B on top, A on bottom.)

Fifth, for those who like purple, I made the next bracelet with a variety of purple beads of varying shades and textures. I tried a sterling silver lobster claw on this one. I still like the button closure with a tassel.

Sixth, I had this assortment of beads just sitting around waiting for its chance. I think this is where the beads belong. I returned to the button closure with a tassel and I love it.

Here's a close-up:

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