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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Returning to Blogger

Last night my website KnotGypsyDesigns.com was seemingly hacked. I lost 5 pages (all my "general information" pages including my About page which will be the hardest to recreate). My plug-ins had been deactivated, and I am unable to create new posts or pages. I submitted a support ticket and got a couple of the other problems fixed, but...

I am not really much of a techie and I think I am in over my head trying to work with C-panel and MySQL database. I think I will just move my website back over here to good old Blogger. Blogger makes is so easy - freeing up my time to make more jewelry, patterns, and kits!

So, it will take some time, please be patient and wish me luck.

Of course, My Etsy Shop is still working just fine! Please feel free to go check it out...

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