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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Patterns and Kits Are Sold Separately

I have recently had a couple of people confused about whether my kits have the instructions included. I did have that information in the product descriptions, but perhaps it was not clear enough. I have also tried to standardize my titles so that they are clear as to what is being sold.

So, I have edited my product descriptions to draw more attention to this, and added a message in my Etsy Shop message board. Hopefully, this will clear up any confusion.

There are several reasons why I sell them all separately, but mostly because...

  • Sometimes a person wants 1 pattern and more than one matching kit. By selling them separately, the customer only has to "buy the pattern once" - saving money!
  • Sometimes a person (especially an experienced beader who already has beads on hand) just wants a pattern - why make them buy the kits just to get the pattern? Actually, the patterns are my main product here - the kits are for the convenience of those who want to "just try one out" before going out and buying all the materials in quantity.
Not to mention that the category system and Etsy's restrictions on "commercial supplies" is another issue. If I combine them, then I must use the "commercial supplies" category, which is fine for the kits. But, I also want to use the "patterns" categories as well. If it seems that Etsy is too strict, I must defend them by saying that they are trying to keep the integrity of Etsy. Etsy tries very hard to maintain a site for buying and selling Hand-Made Items. I for one, am glad that they stick to their guns. I really like that we artists (and those who love hand-made things) have a place to go for just that.

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