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Friday, April 18, 2008

Macrame - Instructions, Patterns and Tutorials

Making macrame jewelry is a lot of fun. There are projects that are quite simple and those that are as complex as you can imagine. Once you have mastered the knots and how to put them together in various projects, a world of creative possibilities opens up. There are literally so many ways you can take this art that the possibilities seem endless.

To Get Started:
If you are totally unfamiliar with macrame, find "Basic Macrame Knots". You can use any kind of cord to practice the knots - even some that is thicker than you will eventually use for beading. This is just to get you familiar with the knots.

Are you ready for a project?

There are quite a few free instructions for various projects available on the internet. Although, not all of them are for micro macrame jewelry. A quick Google Search gave me several. One I liked at a glance was Hand Crafted by Elaine.

Of course, you could browse my "Patterns" and you may find a project you want to try.

Or browse "KnotGypsy's BookStore for Beaders" for a variety of beading books including some on beaded macrame. Most any book on macrame knots should suffice. Just find one you like. Do the illustrations show the steps clearly? Are the instructions understandable to you?

As always, if you have any comments or questions, I encourage you to leave them here or contact me (see my profile).


KnotGypsy said...

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Ana (of http://anabaird.blogspot.com/) Says:

"Gorgeous necklaces! They’re fab! Love macrame too and have made some bags and jewelry too."

KnotGypsy said...

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SewDelish (of http://sewdelish.blogspot.com/) Says:

"I love this bracelet! What a great way of modernizing macramé."

KnotGypsy said...

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Sandy Loughman Says:

"Hello !

I have worked years ago in macrame. It is about 3-4 years away from retirement and I have been searching for a way to supplement my retirement income. I thought macrame jewelry
would be ideal as I can design my own creatoins inexpensively with no overhead.

The “button” clasp pattern is awesome! Where do you find the wonderful beads and button clasps? I am actually looking for a
button with a Canadaian maple leaf to it. Any ideas where to find this item? Your creations are the most amazing and inspirational website I have seen yet! You earned $40 from me
this morning!!!

I am wanting to also make unique “one size fits all” belts. However, thought that would be very time consuming and not
enough people would want to spend the money on a belt.. What
do you think about this one particular idea?

MANY Thanks on a Sunday morning!!

Sandy Loughman - Pre-Retireeeeeeeee!!!!"

KnotGypsy said...

I replied:

Thank You! For your comments and interest.

I am sorry, I don't know where you can find buttons with maple leaves, but I have found some interesting button sites...I have not yet tried them, but here are the links...Button Drawer and As Cute as a Button

For more information on where I get my materials, please see Category "Materials and Sources" (scroll to appropriate post)

Belts would be time consuming unless you scaled up a bit and used linen or hemp cord with larger beads...if you are able to design some belts that were not so time consuming, it may be a good idea as there are not as many artists making belts as there are making other jewelry.

KnotGypsy said...

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Mardi Lee Says:

"Hi there I want kits and patterns if you can put together a selection I would appreciate it, at the top of this page there is a braclet with button at one end and loose threads at the other end what pattern/kit is this make up what you thinkis best I cna send more money or you can keep a credit fo me Many thanks Mardi"

KnotGypsy said...

I replied:

"That bracelet is made from the “Fans Bracelet” pattern…some bead substitution is all that is necessary to create a “textured” look."

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