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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lacy Ripples Bracelet PATTERN

Here is another micro macrame project! This bracelet is made with Lark's Head and Double Half-Hitch knots, with one Square knot. A fairly simple design, this bracelet would be a good project for beginners with some beading experience. I think it is a good project for learning and practicing Lark's Head knots.

Find this pattern and more in the "Patterns" section of My Etsy Shop. Want to try one out, but don't want to go out an buy all the materials in bulk? I offer kits for this pattern here.

I provide continued support in case you have questions regarding the pattern instructions. So, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to ask. You may contact me (see my profile) or leave your question in "comments" below.


Anonymous said...

wow i like these bracelets especially the blue indigo colors keep up the amazin work!!!

KnotGypsy said...

I have just received THIS QUESTION by email in regards to this pattern:

I'm trying to make the Lacy Ripples Bracelet, and I have a question, but can't find the "WorkShop" where you say to post questions on your website. So I hope you don't mind getting a question by email. It's about how to make the lark's head knots at the beginning. First, should I use the short cord or the long one to make the knots? And it looks to me as if lark's head knots need to have both ends of the knotting cord free, and I can't figure out how to do it with just one end of the cord free. I've looked at the basic knot instructions on your website but still can't figure it out from there.

Thanks for your help!


I don't mind (getting questions by email) at all.

In fact, I am glad you ask. I can see how it can be confusing and will edit my original pattern to correct this. Thank you for asking.

The short cord is the Holding cord. And so, the longer cord is the Knotting cord. So you make the Lark's Head knots with the longer cord. And, no, you do not need both ends to be free...I know it looks like it does, but if you look to the photo in "Basic Knots" for Lark's Head, pretend that the upper most end (of the knotting cord) is attached...take the free end and bring it over the Holding cord, back under that Holding cord, and then over itself, (and pull tight before continuing), then bring it under the Holding cord, back over the Holding cord and under itself (and pull tight); you will have a Lark's Head knot.

I hope this helps. If not, please ask again and I will try to be clearer.

Again, thank you for asking, and if you don't mind, I will post this question on my website under "Lacy Ripples Bracelet" (in category "Patterns"). I am sorry for the confusion. When I wrote Lacy Ripples, I was trying to set up a separate site "WorkShop" and it did not work out as I planned. I have consolidated everything into one site. (Seems it is time to re-edit all my patterns to be consistent).

KnotGypsy said...

I have finished editing this pattern. I added links in the pdf document to my source for C-lon cord and for seed beads as I have recently received some questions regarding materials.

I have plans to re-work my articles on materials and sources, hopefully soon.

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