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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blog Egage found me a great site...

I signed up for Blog Engage about a while back. It is a fairly new social bookmarking site for bloggers. It is primarily set up for bloggers to promote their blogs. The man who runs it is very helpful, friendly and works hard to make this new site a success. I highly recommend you check it out. Blog Engage

As a result of having submitted several posts from this blog, I was contacted by Crafty Tips and asked to submit my website and Etsy links. I checked out the site and it looks great! So, yes, I submitted my links. I also placed their logo link in my sidebar.

Ahh, social networking, what a wonderful thing.


KnotGypsy said...

Following Comments transferred from previous site with above content:

Blog Engage Says: hiya and thanks for the kind words. I'm glad Blog engage is working out for you. Today was a hectic day for me. I'm not too sure f you noticed but we got hammered with spam bots. No it's wasn't just Blog Engage it seems they targeted the bots at the pligg system in general and got a list of us pligg users somewhere.

none the less today was a crazy one! Thanks again for your kind words and I hope Blog engage continues to bring you traffic and more great opportunities.

(I'll post about the spam later)


Blog Engage

KnotGypsy: You are quite welcome! The kind words are well deserved. I thought I saw some spam...but here you are working on the problem which confirms my words that you are working hard to make Blog Engage a success.

Blog Engage: KnotGypsy, I had to re submit your article I has minor database issues and it was lost. Well the last 8 hours were anyways lol

It's all good and it's all working great!

So how's crafty tips going? I know it's your niche market so I'm asking :)

Also I know another great site you can get some promotion from sivatar.

That's with a www and .com

Cheers :)

KnotGypsy: Why thank you! For both resubmitting my article and for the lead on another site. See you do deserve all those nice words. I will check out Sivatar.

I’ll let everyone know how CraftyTips.com works out in a few days or so - giving time for my stats to show something up.

Michele Says: Hi,

Thank you for the kind words about Crafty Tips. It looks like I've sent you a few folks, hopefully at least one led to a sale. I've been exploring more around Blog Engage and am having a blast - I thank you for leading me to delve a bit deeper there.

Anyone else with a macrame site is more than welcome to also submit their site. The bigger we can make the category, hopefully the more folks who can see your lovely work!


KnotGypsy said...

Thanks for stopping by Michele. Yes, my stats show that I am getting some traffic from CraftyTips.com! I also started a thread over at CageyCrafters Forum (see sidebar under "forums" for link). A few crafters there posted their interest, so hopefully some more crafters will come your way.

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