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Friday, November 9, 2007

Working Around Artists Block

Yes. I have been experiencing Artist's Block. All week. Scarlet (my muse) seems to be sleeping. I am awake and in the mood to bead, but I cannot decide what to bead. Besides being in the mood, I need some new pieces...Christmas is coming. Scarlet! Wake up!


I sometimes get these blocks. All artists do, I think. Well, maybe some super artists don't get blocks. But, I do.

What to do about it...

First, I tried some unrelated no-brainer tasks - like housework. The physical movement is good for circulation - gets the blood moving to the brain. After all, housework does need to get done. I can still feel productive.

I am also using psychology on myself. I am a bit of a rebel and I hate housework. Sometimes, I'll get bored and "go play beads" to get out of housework. At times like these, I allow myself to rationalize "playing beads" as "working". Problem solved - I got around my block...BUT...

It does not always work. Sometimes, like this week, I decide instead to "sort my personal jewelry and clothes". I rationalize that I need to sort and purge anyway. I need to keep my clothes organized so I will have something to wear - especially now that I go set up at some venues. I need to look good, don't I? The block wins this round because I cannot argue with that.

Okay, I have been cleaning house all week. I have sorted my jewelry and my clothes. I have even cleaned out my desk drawer and reorganized my beading area. Enough.

Now, I need a more direct approach. So, I actually got some beads out and played with them. Still no inspiration. This is one serious block. I cannot let it win. My pride is now involved. I must beat this block.

The next tactic is to get back to basics. Make a "Spirals Lariat Necklace". It is a simple design and does not require complex decisions beyond choosing colors. It is a long enough project that I can lose myself in it. It is a long enough project that I may get bored and begin visualizing my next pieces...

I better go and get back to it...I'll let you know how it goes.

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