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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wimberly Market Days

I survived the weekend. I even made a few sales. I paid for having to get up so early, though! I have spent the past few days recuperating.

The booth needs some work and we have plans for that. We have a vision. The market is closed Jan-Mar, so we have time to get the booth painted and spiffed up for next year. We have decided that this month and next are our "learning months".

Happily, we have electricity and lighting. We have a small fridge and a coffee pot - what more do we need? The doors and windows are lockable so we can leave stuff there - cuts down on what we have to pack and carry. I love anything that cuts down on the work!
I am very excited about this opportunity. I have worked with my friend before and we get along great. I have every reason to believe this will be a satisfying venture.


d-c-designs said...

Hi, I found this post while doing research on local craft fairs. My sister-in-law and I have been trying Gruene but they might not have space for us for the holidays as we aren't regulars yet. We were thinking of trying to reserve a day spot in Wimberly through their website. I was wondering if you ended up staying with it and if you liked it there. Thanks so much! Denise :)

KnotGypsy said...

Hi! No, I did not stay there.

I live about 45 miles away and the gas was getting too expensive.

I am on a night schedule as my husband works nights. It would take me days to recuperate from getting up that early.

I only made a few sales (in this slow economy), but I would probably have stuck it out (until I built a following) if I lived closer and were not on a night schedule.

It is a friendly market and I loved the people.

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