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Friday, November 2, 2007

Knot! News - Weekly Update

Not a lot of news this week. I have been doing some Fall cleaning. I have been working on that perennial chore of sorting and purging. I thought I was a pack rat until I moved in with my husband. He is a master pack rat! So wish me well on this ongoing chore.

I have also been getting ready to set up at the Wimberly Market. I have most everything ready now with just a few small chores to finish up. I am excited about this opportunity, although I do not look forward to getting up so early! I am a night person. I have always been a night person. 6 years in the U.S. Army did not make me into a morning person. If Uncle Sam cannot do it, it cannot be done. Oh, I get my body up, but my mind refuses to cooperate until much later.

I have recently agreed to a custom order. I know, I don't usually do that. But, the customer has bought several pieces from me before and is so enthusiastic about my work - How could I say "no"? She is so easy to work with, stating she used to be a weaver and knows the challenge of creating something from someone else's mental image. So, I have rules, but I am not rigid and sometimes we must break the rules - even our own rules.

My hubby is now back on night shift. Thankfully. I am readjusting to that now, but it is a happy adjustment.

I think my goals until after the holidays are to finish the custom order, produce one more pattern ("Tapestry Bracelet" by popular request), and focus on beadwork for the holiday season. After the holidays, I have some reorganizing and fine tuning to do with my "system" - administrative work. (Ugh).

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