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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cagey Crafters Forum

I joined Bead and Button Forum back when I was first starting out online. I loved the community. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. I learned a lot as well. Well, I still love that community, but they have changed the format and software. The new look is wonderful, and I do like the way the forum is now set up. However, since the change, every time I go visit; the pages take so very long to load. I mean they load excruciatingly slowly. I tried everything I could think of - using my refresh button, clearing cache, I even tried a different browser - all to no avail. I kept returning, hoping that they had done something about it as others were complaining, too.

I will continue to check in to see if they fix this in the future, but I am in need.

Good News! I found another forum with all the friendliness and helpfulness I was looking for. CageyCrafters is somewhat smaller than Bead and Button, but the members there are actively involved. They even offer gallery space for members, and it is all free. I joined up a few days ago, and I am already feeling welcomed. I think I found a new community...Come join us!

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