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Friday, October 26, 2007

Knot! News - Weekly Update

What a week! But then, every week seems to be an adventure.

I have finally finished the pattern for "Lacy Ripples Bracelet" and have listed it in My Etsy Shop.

Most of the week has been devoted to household chores - trying to get caught up. With Fall bringing us some cooler temperatures, I have been in the mood for baking. I made a cake and some lovely French Bread...But I digress. You are more interested in jewelry, aren't you?

One of my customers, Beverle Sweitzer, is a metal refinisher by trade (webpage). She is fairly new to micro macrame. Rather ambitious, she began with my "Fans Bracelet" pattern. See below for the result of her first effort. I think she is off to a great start. She is also new to digital photography of jewelry, but states she is excited to be learning new things.

I have probably mentioned that a good friend of mine has bought a space at the famous (at least in this part of Texas) Wimberly Market. She has invited me to share her space. So, this past Sunday, I went to see the space with her. We took some of her stuff to leave in the space because the space comes complete with a building with locking doors and windows. It is rather nice. I think we will be happy there. We will be setting up the first weekends in November and December. Just in time for the Christmas rush...

I am feeling the need to bead, so take care and have a great weekend.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The DIY Factory Show

Well, the show is over. I had a lot of fun, and even made a profit after expenses! They held it in an old club with two balconies. I was located on one of the balconies. They had several bands, a working bar, and a fashion show. All very festive and artsy! Here are some photos of the event.

View of the entrance from my spot on one of the balconies.
View of the stage from my spot on the balcony.
View of the rest of "my" balcony.

And, finally, my table.

I've Been Using Up My Stock of Beads and Cord

I want to make room for new beads and cord! So, a couple of weeks ago, I made these bracelets in an effort to use of some leftover beads. So far, I have listed the brown one at My Etsy Shop. I will be listing the other two over the next couple of days. (Gotta take advantage of the "time machine".) I posted this photo under "Now Showing", but it is not a very large view, so I apologize to anyone who was frustrated trying to see these bracelets.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Knot! News - Weekly Update

In spite of Murphy's efforts this week, I am ready for my show (tomorrow). I finally got my patterns printed out, got my display worked out, and am mostly packed up. Due to the printer problems (see previous posts), I lost time out of my schedule. I did not get that necklace made that I wanted to have done - the one I mentioned that would be nice for Halloween. I still want to make it, but it won't be in time for the show. Oh, well.

My cat is doing much better. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she stays that way. Hopefully her problems are over.

I did manage to get some more work done on "Lacy Ripples Bracelet Pattern" - it is almost done. I think I will relax tonight.

I'll let you all know how the show goes...Until then, have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Murphy was not Satisfied

So, I took my printer to the store, but it was more than 90 days since I bought it and they would not exchange it. I guess printers are only meant to last for 6 months...

I really need a printer, so I had to buy a new one. They have already discontinued my previous model, so I had to get the new improved version.

Just last week I had spent $20.00 on an ink cartridge for my printer (before it broke down). It was nearly full...But of course, the printer ink cartridges of the previous printer won't work in the new one.

What a racket.

On a positive note, I think the new model is somewhat better than the previous one - an instance where "new and improved" really is improved. I got the rest of my print job done last night, so it is off to the photocopier down the street to make copies.

See, this is the kind of thing that steals my time from beading and pattern making...Talk to y'all later. Here's to hoping that Murphy, being busy with me, will be leaving you alone.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Murphy’s Law

“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and at the most inopportune time.”

I was printing out some patterns (for the upcoming show) today. I got couple printed out when my printer refused to go on. I tried shutting everything down and checking the USB connections, and got another pattern printed before it again refused. I fiddled some more and managed to get 8 of 10 pages of my 4th one done. That's it. The printer is done. But, I have 5 patterns...

The printer is only a few months old and has been working fine until today. Today, when I only have 5 days before the show...at least I have those 5 days. But, I am accustomed to Murphy's Law as it seems particularly strict in its enforcement with me. That is why I was working on this today instead of on Friday night. (Thankfully.) Now, I will have to take the time and spend the gas to return the printer to the store for an exchange.

Good Old Murphy...Let's keep our fingers crossed that this will satisfy the old devil.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Knot! News - Weekly Update

Well, this week has been more productive than recent weeks. Perhaps, I am getting back on track! Hopefully, the recent trend of bad luck has run its course.

I have gotten a folding table, made a black velvet display mat, found my Indian bedspread, made a bracelet display (see photo), and set it all up in my living room. I have begun to work on placing my jewelry on it. I have nearly finished pricing it all - I still need to price my clearance items. I have even found a volunteer to accompany me and help out at the show. (My dear partner would help, but he is working most of the day of the show.) I am getting excited.

Last night, I sketched out a nice idea for a necklace that I hope to get done before the show. I want to make it in black with garnet red and some reddish gemstone chips, you know, for Halloweeen.

Since I have gotten together most of what I need for the show, I hope to be able to finish "Lacy Ripples Bracelet Pattern" this coming week. Man, I hate getting behind, and I really hate things that come up to get in my way - like migraines. At least, thankfully, my kitty is doing much better. She is back to her usual tricks and now more spoiled than ever...

So, take care and have a great weekend.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Didn't Even Know I Was Entered...

And I won a blue ribbon! I may have mentioned this before, but...

A friend of mine bought a bracelet and a pair of earrings from me last year. This year, she entered the bracelet in her county fair. It won a blue ribbon! She didn't tell me until afterwards. Yesterday, she brought it over and gave it to me. She also brought the bracelet so I could photograph them together.

She gave me such a boost to my morale!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cagey Crafters Forum

I joined Bead and Button Forum back when I was first starting out online. I loved the community. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. I learned a lot as well. Well, I still love that community, but they have changed the format and software. The new look is wonderful, and I do like the way the forum is now set up. However, since the change, every time I go visit; the pages take so very long to load. I mean they load excruciatingly slowly. I tried everything I could think of - using my refresh button, clearing cache, I even tried a different browser - all to no avail. I kept returning, hoping that they had done something about it as others were complaining, too.

I will continue to check in to see if they fix this in the future, but I am in need.

Good News! I found another forum with all the friendliness and helpfulness I was looking for. CageyCrafters is somewhat smaller than Bead and Button, but the members there are actively involved. They even offer gallery space for members, and it is all free. I joined up a few days ago, and I am already feeling welcomed. I think I found a new community...Come join us!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Finally, Some Kits for "Fans Earrings Pattern"

I finally got some kits put together yesterday. I put together 4 kits for "Fans Earrings Pattern" and listed them at my Etsy Shop. They match the kits I have listed for "Fans Bracelet Pattern" as well, so you can make matching bracelets and earrings. Find them in the "Kits" section of My Etsy Shop.

I was motivated so I put together 3 kits for each of my 5 patterns to take to the upcoming DIY Factory Show. I am getting excited about this show. Today, after I do some housework and make my grocery shopping list, I will be working on display equipment. I have a few ideas...

Well, I better get to work, bye for now.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Amazon.com Affiliate and aStores

Since I really, really don't want to give up my dream of making a living doing what I love, I find that I need to increase my income.

I have recently added a few Google adsense ads, hopefully not going overboard. I don't want to clutter up my sites with too many ads. Squidoo is paying some, and the lenses are fun to make. Yet, I still need more...

So, yesterday, I signed up for Amazon.com's Affiliate program. I even created an aStore - "KnotGypsy's BookStore for Beaders" - can also be found in sidebar. I put together an eclectic collection of books on jewelry making. If you don't find anything you like there, try a search of Amazon.com - right below my store widget.

Some books I have already tried or have had recommended to me...

I am still learning about this program and hope to improve the store in the weeks to come.

Signing off for now...Have a Great Weekend!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Knot! News - Weekly Update

And the beat goes on. Just when I thought my cat was getting better and my routine was returning to normal, she came home with some wounds. Today we go back to the vet for a follow up. I am very emotional and attached to my cats (perhaps more than is good for me). I feel stressed whenever one of my loved ones is sick or hurt (including the cats). This has made me sluggish, but I am recuperating and getting my energy and focus back. I must get my focus back. I have too much to do.

This week I posted some more on my website KnotGypsyDesigns.com. I posted an article on "Cord" as the first installment on a (revised) series of articles on materials and resources. I posted another knot "Lark's Head Knot" in the series on "Basic Knots". I added some helpful hints and comments I have received from customers by email. I changed the background. The site is coming along.

I rotated stock at my favorite local Coffee Shop "Chiro Java" where I have some items on consignment. They even had some money for me - I had some sales!

I did some more beading and have 3 new bracelets - I will post them when I have them photographed.

I had to go buy more stuff to make up kits for the upcoming show.

Today, I really need to get those kits together and some for "Fans Earrings Pattern" to list on Etsy. I also need to make a bracelet display with some velvet I have on hand and a cardboard tube a friend of mine brought me from where she works. This same friend bought a bracelet from me a few months ago. She recently entered it in her county's fair - It won a Blue Ribbon! So now I am an award winning jewelry artist! Well, it is only a blue ribbon from a county fair, but it is special to me. She brought me a little cheer at a time I could really use it.

I know, I know, I really need to finish "Lacy Ripples Bracelet Pattern"...
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