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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ripples and Lace

(Remember, you can click on images to get a larger view).

As I said in last week's "Knot! News", I have completed the photography for "Ripple Bracelet Pattern". I have now gotten the photography done for the matching earrings.

Then, of course, I had to play around with the design. I had so much fun with it, I am having trouble getting motivated to work on the text for the patterns! But, I will. I promise. Here are some of the results of my experimentation this weekend.

First, I played with color:

Then, I wondered what I could do with the overall shape. Using fewer focal beads and some with different shapes, here is what I did:
These next two pairs of earrings have already been listed at My Etsy Shop.
These earrings were easy and fun to make. Once getting the hang of the pattern, none took longer than about an hour to make. The final pattern will include instructions for these variations.

And of course, I wanted to play around with a variation of this design in a bracelet:
Given these variations having a variety of shapes, "Ripple" no longer seems a relevant name. They remind me more of lace, Victorian lace. So, I think I will name the bracelet at top "Rippled Lace" and for the others, "Victorian Lace". What do you think? If you can come up with a better name, please leave a comment as I am open to suggestions.

I have played around some more since taking these photos. I have made some more earrings, another bracelet and a necklace. I think I have a nice beginning for my Fall 2007 Collection. Of course, I will show you once I get the photos done. Working with this design has given me even more ideas...But, I need to write the text for the above patterns and get them listed so those of you who are interested can make some, too. Share the fun! Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Your ripple design is really pretty. I like the way you make use of different size beads. I think the names you have chosen are just right :)

KnotGypsy said...

Thank you!

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